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Non-Surgical Decompression

At Northwest Pain Relief Center, spinal decompression therapy is just one of the non-invasive, natural treatments we use to treat an array of medical issues. A practice that is known to be effective in the management of chronic back pain is spinal decompression also called disc decompression which is non-invasive and drug free. In this therapy, a specialized table is used and as the patient lies on it the table uses gentle motorized traction to stretches and realigns the spine. The table allows the doctor to isolate the damaged area of the spine and precisely administertreatment to provide relief for disc herniation or bulging discs. Throughout Washington and Alaska, we use disc decompression at Northwest Pain Relief Center. This treatment is effective at allowing delivery of increased movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids to the disc which promote healing and relieving painful symptoms.

At Northwest Pain Relief Center, we are committed not only to addressing medical concerns, but also to helping patients achieve optimal wellness. Our process begins with a thorough examination and diagnostic assessment. This allows us to determine the root cause of the problem and pinpoint it exactly. We then can develop a customized strategy to address the patient’s unique medical issues, in the most effective way for that patient. For those struggling with chronic back pain in Washington or Alaska, there’s no staff more caring and competent than the one at Northwest Pain Relief Center.

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