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Kinesio Taping

At Northwest Pain Relief Center we offer kinesio taping as another one of our services. Kinesio taping is a latex-free tex tape which uses the study of kinesiology (study of human motion) to help blood flow and facilitate the body’s natural healing process. Kinesio tape allows the patient to keep their full range of motion while providing support and assisting the healing process.

Kinesio taping is based upon years of clinical research and is able to help with multiple issues ranging from headaches to neuromuscular issues. The kinesio taping method has been effectively used by athletes across the world and Northwest Pain Relief Center proudly offers it as a service to patients. Diagnosis and evaluation are key to ensuring that kinesio taping may assist the patient and our clinics in Washington and Alaska work with each patient developing an individual plan for each person.

Kinesio tape is durable and able to be worn for days at a time. It allows treatment of the muscular system and is a great non-invasive treatment alternative for aches and pains, helping the body’s healing process, increasing stability and even preventing injury.

Northwest Pain Relief Center offers non-invasive physical medicine treatments, including kinesio taping throughout Washington and Alaska. For your FREE consultation, call us today at 866-592-0228

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