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As part of an integrated approach to healthcare, Northwest Pain Relief Center offers epidural steroid injections at our clinics through both Washington and Alaska. At Northwest Pain Relief Center, epidural injections help improve patients’ health and help them live more active lives. Indeed, epidurals are effective to treating radiating pain from the spine shooting toward the legs and further below. This is commonly caused from irritation of a spinal nerve.

Epidural steroid injections is a quick and simple procedure which we offer at our clinics located throughout Washington and Alaska. Epidurals are used to bathe and reduce irritation of spinal nerves. Northwest Pain Relief Center strives to work with each patient individually and create a unique and effective treatment strategy. Epidural steroid injections may be extremely effective as well in reducing back and leg pain caused by irritated spinal nerves. With multiple clinics located through Washington and Alaska, residents may find relief from back pain due to spinal nerve irritation from Northwest Pain Relief Center.

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