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Dr. Young, DC - Clinic Director/Chiropractor

Dr. Young is a graduate from Life Chiropractic West, where he obtained his Doctorate in Chiropractic. While being the only graduate in his class to successfully condense a four-year program into three years, Dr. Young managed to achieve Summa Cum Laude status, while also becoming Diplomat-eligible in the prestigious post-doctorate Functional Neurology.
Dr. Young was often asked by his peers how he could handle such a heavy schedule, often consisting of 40+ units per week, with supplemental modules on the weekends. His answer has always been the same – “everything I do now is in preparation to help my future patients.” Dr. Young’s goal as a Chiropractor is to bring honest healthcare to his community by leading an ethical practice, and by empowering them in their health-related choices by offering a straightforward and individualized approach.

Meet our staff!

Stephanie – Office Manager
Rhoda, PA-C – Physician Assistant
Denise – Medical Assistant


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