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Each month we schedule a limited number of FREE consultation meetings with new patients. During this consultation you will meet with one of the team doctors where they can advise you as to how you might be helped, when you can be pain free, and what your prognosis is.

This consultation is Completely FREE to you. In the event that we determine you CAN be helped, it is important that you know ahead of time that ALL major insurances are completely accepted. This is important for you to know because the INTEGRATED approach is to get you pain free as fast as possible at as little cost as possible.

At Northwest Pain Relief Center, we provide physical medicine throughout Washington and Alaska that residents can trust. If you’re seeking a solution for a medical problem like chronic pain in Washington or Alaska; or you just want to learn how to lead a healthier life and achieve your wellness goals, it’s time to call for a consultation.

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If you prefer you can call us at 866-592-0228