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Neck Pain

At Northwest Pain Relief Center, we offer non-invasive therapies to treat conditions like neck pain at our clinics located throughout Washington and Alaska. Neck pain relief is vital for people who are suffering, but it can often be attained easily through a simple adjustment of the spine. The human spine is versatile and complex. It provides support and protects the internal organs and nervous system, while still allowing incredible flexibility and movement. The neck is a unique and important part of this magnificent structure, delicate and vulnerable to pain, yet strong enough to support the head’s weight. To effectively treat neck pain a doctor must first determine the root cause of the pain.

Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to determine neck pain causes. At our clinics throughout Washington and Alaska, we work hard to determine the source of neck pain, which can include things like irritation, inflammation, injury, infection, irritation of the cervical nerve roots, encroachment of the vertebral canal’s vascular supply, or invasion of the cord into the spinal canal. Arthritis can also cause neck pain, because of the disc thinning or disc degeneration and deterioration of muscles and ligaments associated with the condition

Many illnesses or injuries can cause neck pain, especially those that effect the curvature of the neck, causing it to become too straight or even reverse its curve.  That’s why it’s vital to determine the root issues behind chronic neck pain in order to create an effective treatment plan. At Northwest Pain Relief Center, therapy for neck pain can involve a variety of non-invasive therapies, tailored to fit each unique medical situation.

Sometimes patients wait until they are in crisis to seek neck pain treatment and neglect to see a doctor until the pain becomes acute. Unfortunately, when a patient waits too long, neck pain causes remain undetected until there is a serious problem. A better course of action is to have regular examinations. Prompt attention ensures that potentially problematic issues are treated before they require chronic pain management.

For residents in both Washington or Alaska, chronic neck pain and many other conditions are treated using non-invasive medical procedures like chiropractic, physical rehabilitation, and trigger point therapy. The medical professionals at Northwest Pain Relief Center perform a thorough examination and diagnostic assessment, in order to strategize an effective neck pain therapy plan designed to alleviate the cause of distress

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