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Arm & Leg Numbness

Numbness in the arm or leg is a common symptom of many different conditions. It may feel like numbness, prickling of needles or burning-like sensations. At Northwest Pain Relief Centers we use comprehensive workups to find the cause of your numbness. With clinics throughout Alaska and Washington you are able to find relief at one of our many clinics nearest you. Northwest Pain Relief Center offers non-invasive treatments to rehabilitate your condition and enable you to promote your overall health care wellness.

Arm and leg numbness can result from several different conditions such as sciatica, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, alcoholism, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Northwest Pain Relief Center initiates a treatment plan with a comprehensive intake and physical exam to find the most appropriate treatment plan for you. Located throughout Washington and Alaska, our health care staff is dedicated to helping patients receive relief from various conditions. Whether it is a complex issue or numbness in the arms or legs, our adept staff is here to help you live a better life and find the relief you truly deserve.

We are dedicated to treat each patient as a whole at Northwest Pain Relief Center. With arm and leg numbness being a common symptom from many different conditions we work to diagnose the relevant source and treat you in a holistic manner. After we conduct a comprehensive examination we typically build a treatment plan specifically around your needs. This includes physical therapy, nutrition counselling as well as massage therapy when indicated. Northwest Pain Relief Center is dedicated to treating the root causes of your conditions from arm and leg numbness and also promote the overall health care improvement.

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